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Maxxie in England

Title: The Broken heart
Author: tylerdurdann
Fandom: Skins
Pairing: Maxxie/ James
Rating: MA+
Warning: Frequent course language, violence and sexual references

Chapter 3:

After a long day at the studio, max decides to come home, little did he know that there was someone waiting for him at home. Maxxie, runs straight down the street close to where James and his apartment is, until he gets a phone call..

"..hello" said maxxie, out of breath, due to his running down the streets of winston.

"Max?! its me"

"Michelle?" said maxxie, stopping with his eyes wide open, amazed that he even heard from michelle, michelle and maxxie were the best of friends until he left with james and anwar to london, little did maxxie know that his relationship with james was going to cause, an outbreak between them two, unfortunate for maxxie, his relationship with james ending in the realationship of another.

"yeah max its me"

"HI Michelleth! chelle chelle!" smiling and laughing like he usually does

"Hey max, how are you, im just calling to see how you are, you know i havent spoke to you in ages"

"aww dittos chelle, hows tony, and yale! im sure theirs hot guys lining up for you aye chelle, you were always the hottest one in the group"

"ahahhah, shut up max, you know you were the hottest guy in the group, and i wanted to go out with you, little did i know you were a homo"

"haha, shut up"

"yeah max, thats why im calling too, tony hasnt called me in ages, have you spoke to him or anything, i havent spoken to him in days, as far as i know hes still at university"

"Narr sorry chelle, i havent"

"aww thats ok then, anyway how are you, hows james, are you too hitting it like rabbits whos the top or the bottom! hahahahahah!!!"

"hahaha, chelle you still havent lost your sense of humour, yeah me and him are good little rusty to start off with, anwar has fucking disappeared off the face of the earth ! and i cant call him cause he wont answer any of my fucking calls"

... a man interrupting maxxie leans over with a cup, "i havent got any money i havent got any money" said maxxie walking away from the homeless man

"sorry max"

"sorry michelle, homeless guy you know'

"ahh yeah haha, well im sure anwar will ring he usually does doesnt he"

"i dont know chelle, he said that i should get on with my life, and that there is know room for him anymore, i dont know, im so over his drama i was the one for years that helped him out and everything, fuck him i dont care anymore.. OII chelle, i got a job at a studio, im now entertaining high powered politicians, the moneys fucking good too aye"

"thats good maxx, im so proud of you, you fulfilled your dream, good boy!"

"haha, thanks chelle, i gotta go now, james is waiting for me"

"alright babe! love you, take care of yourself ok, and tell james i said hi, haha bye baby"

"laters chelle love you too, take care, i will let you know about tony k byee"

Maxxie got off the phone, wondering this whole time were was tony, or jal, or sid or even cassie, he hadnt heard from them in ages and it scared him the fact that he felt that he rejected all of them for a boyfriend, but in saying this, maxxie was the type of person who continuously look after other peoples needs. Hes allowed to have time to himself and time for james. Maxxie ran up the apartment stairs, hearing music as loud as anything manly coming from james and maxxies apartment.

"Crystalline green, feeling the weight of the sun... " maxxie stopped and knew this song, crystalline green by Goldfrapp, a true and awesome british band, that electronic sound he loved, more than one occasions he choregrapher dances to this, spins, turns, leaps, contemporary dance moves was max's favourite.


Maxxie opened the door, too hear guys screaming and yelling in like a pleasureable manner

"What the fuck" maxxie said turning the key, and walking through the apartment that james and maxxie had furnished finally

"ahhhh fuck thats so good" maxxie stopped to see james getting head off some brown headed kid, who was about the same size as maxxie

Maxxie walked into the room to see that his the boyfriend that he thought was so perfect he know longer all what maxxie had thought to be

*bang* maxxie drops the food that he had for james and him for dinner

"what the fuck is going on! fuck you james!"

"ahh shit, get up get up" said james forcing the guy up from sucking his cock, the kid got up and ran out of the door

"Yeah no worries come back anytime, next time suck my cock asshole!" said maxxie throwing the food at james and running into the bedroom

"Max, wait! i didnt mean for it to happen! im sorry it was just one slip, hes in my class at university and i slipped god help me i slipped!"

"James, dont fucking talk to me, why would you do this!" maxxie said violently throwing clothes into a suitcase and rotating back and fourth from the bedroom

"Max! stop!" he grabbed maxxie kissing him on the lips violently and passionately with a huge context of waiting time

Max then head butted james in the face afterwards, stoopidly this also hurt maxxie

"arghhh fuck!"

"yeah fuck is right james, fuck you i cant believe you did this to me! after everything! i cant give you another chance im sorry, im leaving and going back to bristol"

"No max, please stay" said james starting to cry and get teary after you ate something that was like really sour "please max, im on my hands and knees i love you i do!"

"fuck you james, and dont follow me!" running out of the apartment door

Again james grabbed maxxie by the wrist

"james let go .. now!" james hand slipped away and james stood there in disgust with himself that he had done this, although it was too late and maxxie had made up his mind"

{2 hours later...}

"hi welcome to london airlines, how can i help you" a airline lady said to maxxie with long brown hair and lipstick all over her teeth, a major distraction wasnt it not

Max started crying and wiping his face, "yes one airline ticket to Bristol" "Of course sir, thats 180 pounds, cash or card!" "card" Maxxie said regretably using james credit card, seeing he was the one with more money then maxxie would ever had, but this new job that he recently got paid so good, but that was in the past now and he had to move back home and find another job.

"thank you for flying with london airlines, your plane boards in 20 minutes"

"thanks.." said max, walking away with his bag and dragging it on the ground like he recently just took a bullet to the head.

Max picked up his phone, and dialled the one person he could always turn to in situations that need to be discussed about.. michelle.

"yeah michelle its me"

"Hi maxeth max max.."

(to be continued)



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