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Blowjobs Are Love

Title: Blowjobs Are Love
Fandom: Skins
Pairing: Tony/Maxxie
Warnings: Slash, sexual references and minor coarse language
Genre: Humor
Spoilers: None. Far too short.
Oneshot. 425 words.
Summary: Tony is making fun of Michelle. Or... is he?

Notes: In my defense, I'll say that: - it's been months since I last wrote anything so I'm certainly rusty *lol*
- it's been years since I wrote something in English... NINETEEN years precisely.
- i don't have a beta-reader *grins invitingly*
- and... well, it was just some dialogue my brain suddenly came up with, and I wrote it down so I would... 'train' a bit, you know *lol*

Hope you like it even if it's really short ;) I already apolgize for the mistakes you're gonna find. Wish I could be a native speaker, but at least I'm back at writing ! CHEERS ;)...

I have to admit his laugh is pretty infuriating.

“Seriously, you should have seen Michelle the first time she went down on me! It was so hilarious! She found it so disgusting and she was making that pained face…”

“Tone… Do you really feel the need to humiliate her even when she’s not there?”

I didn’t mean to snap. Honestly. My eyes didn’t roll on their own accord though, I confess.
There was a stunned silence. And then a slightly sulky voice.

“I just thought you would have found it funny…”

“Well, I don’t.”

Here’s the snapping tone again… Let’s just get embarrassed a bit more by justifying myself. Jeez

“Actually Tone, I don’t find the idea of someone doing something they consider gross to prove their love towards someone who doesn’t deserve it that laughable.”

I cursed myself for the oversized sentences my brain sometimes came up with, and hoped this one made sense at least.
But then I saw it. A simple raise of his eyebrows, and I could almost read the equation written all over his face…

So…Blowjob = Love?

I let out a little groan of frustration but his mouth was quicker than mine.

“So… that must mean you love me then, Max…?”

I wanted to huff and throw an indignant answer at his face again. But there was just this little bit of hopeful pride in his voice, and I couldn’t help but let out a tiny snort
“Well tried Tone, but no. I don’t find the thought of my mouth on your cock that gross, so I guess I don’t need to love you at all to suck you off.”

I hoped the little shrug would make me appear casual, but it still didn’t change the fact that I was justifying myself, again. Being fucking defensive, even.
As if on cue, his trademark smirk reminded me Tony Stonem doesn’t buy any of my bullshit. Never.

“So basically… You’re doing it… because you like it…?”

I could see his smirk widen at my defeated sigh. But what could I answer that, anyway…
So I simply avoided any eye contact and silently prayed God not to blush right now.

“… Basically, yes.”

If there’s one thing more infuriating than his laugh, it must definitely be this satisfied grin. The smile of the predator that has finally cornered his prey, right where he wanted it. Stupid mind-fucker…

“You’re such a slut Maxxie.”

And there we go… Where’s the snapping voice when you need it?...

“Fuck you, Tone.”

Bloody girly blood vessels.
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